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ALLISPORT Defender 300 Tdi full size intercooler AS04-3


About This Product


ALLISPORT Defender 300 Tdi full size intercooler AS04-3

Full size, high performance front mounted intercooler, designed and built in house by AlliSport using our special L.I.F.T technology core. Fabricated in house with laser cut end tanks and TIG welded by hand

Suitable for both right and left hand drive vehicles

Lifetime warranty!

Replaces the original intercooler fitted next to the radiator on Land Rover Tdi models.

The kit fits using the original boost pipe connections with minor modifications and is supplied complete with fitting instruction sand stainless steel bracket and fixing kit.

Cooler, more dense oxygen rich air reduces heat stress, improves efficiency and lowers exhaust gas temperatures (EGT) giving greater scope for further tuning

Power and torque can increase with correct tuning by 35%, or up to 155 bhp with the standard turbo plus an improvement in fuel economy


  • 320mm x 500mm x 55mm L.I.F.T  core
  • Laser cut, CNC folded end tanks, TIG welded by hand
  • 610mm total width
  • 330mm height
  • 60mm thick
  • 51mm / 2″ inlet and outlet tube diameter with swaged ends for pipe security
  • Includes stainless steel fixing brackets and bolts
  • M8 front mounting boss top mounts and extra strong laser cut and CNC folded bottom mounts

Please note – not suitable for cars with AC.


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