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ALLISPORT Discovery Td5 intercooler (manual gearbox version) AS30


About This Product



ALLISPORT Discovery Td5 intercooler (manual gearbox version) AS30

Recently re-developed with improved flow characteristics and one piece “Bi-Fold” end tanks for extra strength.

Lifetime warranty!

Featuring our new L.I.F.T Pro (Louvered Internal Fin Technology) hi-flow core design for ultimate reliability, efficiency, heat rejection and heat cycle recovery

Each unit is individually pressure tested to 30psi, fully submerged in a water bath before dispatch

Our latest design is not only stronger but flow is improved meaning reduced intake charge, therefore a higher oxygen content enters the engine improving combustion and reducing EGT’s

Please Note – Some export models are fitted with a transmission oil cooler, please check before ordering. In this case please order the automatic transmission uprated intercooler AS21

Our uprated intercooler has capacity to provide cooling for well over 300bhp, so charge air cooling will never be an issue.

In order to get the best from this upgrade the fuelling needs optimising to suit. We offer remapping / re-chipping facilities depending on vehicle model year using maps developed with specialists TD5 Inside. We can also supply plug-in tuning units.

Fuel economy generally improves by on average 10-15% with a reduction in cylinder head thermal stress again, depending on tuning

Easy installation – uses original mounts with minor modifications and original boost hose connections

Suitable for fast road or competition use with our optimum 12 fins per inch fin density


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